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Core Mission

We founded Superior Seamless Waterproof Roofing Company to help business owners and property managers solve and prevent leaking roofs and water roofing problems in their commercial buildings. This core mission has helped us build successful relationships with property managers and owners in Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island & thru out the United States, and solidified our reputation as a commercial Waterproof roof, polyurea coatings, polyurea roof coatings, polyurea roof coating system, polyurea roofing system, silicone roofing and waterproof roof contractors company focused on providing a superior customer service.

With you from start to finish

Most contractors today are not willing to educate and support customers through the entire buying process and help them make a smart and confident decision, they simply quote a number and get to work. This is where Superior Seamless Waterproof Roofing is different. Our team is committed to improving your buildings situation and solving it with ExpandoThane and waterproof roof in CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT and thru out the USA. Our unique process combines years of industry experience with modern building science principles and the education and support you need to make the right decision for your building. With Superior Seamless Roofing you get:

  • An seamless waterproof roof and polyurea roof coating contractor to walk you through each step of the project, explaining everything along the way
  • A customized solution to fix the polyurea coating, polyurea roofing, waterproof roof and seamless roofing
  • A service crew that are not only certified and trained but they are always prompt, courteous, and clean up when the job is done
  • The Superior Seamless Waterproof Roofing guarantee – we guarantee to stop the leak and stand by our work

We will prevent water from leaking or fix your leak problem in your commercial building. Click the Button Below or call us today.


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Superior Seamless Roofing is your number one resource for preventing & fixing your water problems.


We build lifetime relationships with our customers by following thru on our services.

Track Record

Since 2000, we’ve been helping owners and property managers by improving buildings just like yours.

Trained Specialists

You’re in good hands with our highly trained roofing specialists and technicians.

Here at Superior Seamless Roofing, we specialize in waterproof roof, polyurea coatings, polyurea roof coatings, polyurea roof coating system, polyurea roofing system, silicone roofing, polyurea coating, polyurea roofing, waterproof roof, seamless roofing, waterproof roof contractors and waterproof roof coatings to create a waterproof barrier that prevents water from seeping through. We recognize that proper professional installation will produce maximum long-term results. We are dedicated to quality work, sustainability, and our customers.

Our Expadothane protective roof coating solutions are custom-installed for your buildings needs. This amazing formula allows for a barrier between the outside and the interior of a foundation wall or applied as a roof coating that completely eliminates the water from finding a way in. Standard polyurea will not fill the gaps in between crevices, or bug holes, because it was designed to mimic the contours of the object being sprayed

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If you’re interested in our seamless waterproof roof polyurea coatings, polyurea roof coatings, polyurea roof coating system, polyurea roofing system, silicone roofing and call the waterproof roof contractors company at Superior Seamless Roofing serving in CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT and thru out the USA. We service and install ExpandoThane Poyurea Roof Coating to make your roof waterproof and stop leaks.



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The most destructive weather to concrete, masonry and natural stone structures is water. The only way to prevent water damage is to protect your building by waterproofing it using water resistant products or materials. It may sound simple but it’s not.

It goes without saying that if you maintain your roof, it will help save you money and provide a safe and healthy environment for your business and workers.  If you examine your flat roof, and figure that it does indeed need repair or is leaking, then be careful about picking the company that you want to do the work.

The best waterproof roofing company CT to work with is one that uses modern technology and which has a great track and customer service record, and in addition can provide their clients with specifications and quotes.

Generally, the roof’s main function is to keep water out of your office building! Any roof not performing this function is not worth it.  A few professional companies have a special division for waterproofing, because this is so vital.

Our waterproof roofing company uses ExpandoThane. ExpandoThane is a tough expanding spray made of polyurea material which has been able to shield and protect roofings from harsh environmental conditions.  Also, it has among other things sheer strength, hardness and is thermal resistant.

ExpandoThane offers impactful resistance when it comes to roofing, polyurea coating and waterproof coating. With it, you are certain to repair any leaks, worn out and loose areas that are causing your building problems. It is durable and flexible. It creates a uniformed membrane which reduces the gaps on a rough terrain, closes around openings and any form of surface obstruction.

As a result of its durability, resistance and elastic toughness, it is used in demanding environments like industrial and commercial roofing, industrial structural surfaces, undercoating/sound protection, waterproofing and underwater containment, and so on.  Also, it is found useful within military, aerospace and marine industries.

The two sectors where ExpandoThane is used is the roofing industry and the waterproofing industry. One of its formulations of ExpandoThane is polyurea which is quite dependent on a roof for any form of adhesion.

Superior Seamless Roofing is a leading name of commercial and retail waterproof roofing and polyurea coating in CT, DE, RI, NJ, NH, VT and waterproof roof MA. With over 20 years experience and a computerized estimating department, Seamless Waterproofing is a name you can trust when you want the very best for all your waterproofing needs.

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