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  • Leader in Roof Coatings and Roof Restoration

  • High-Quality and Detailed Roof Inspections

  • Factory Certified in a Multitude of Roof Systems

  • Highly Rated and Experienced Commercial Roofing Crews

  • Service and Maintenance Crews Available for Your Emergency Commercial Roofing Needs

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Superior Seamless Roofing is a roof coating company that specializes in installing seamless roofing systems. Seamless roofing systems are made from a single continuous piece of material, such as a liquid rubber or silicone coating, which is applied directly to the roof surface. This type of roofing is popular because it eliminates the need for seams and joints that can become potential areas for leaks and water damage. This type of process can eliminate the need to replace a roof which can save the owner thousands on roof replacement and sometimes even millions.

Superior Seamless Roofing assist owners, building operators, property managers and government employees with waterproofing, silicone roof coatings and roof replacement for commercial and industrial roofing. Our Seamless Roofing System utilizes the most advanced coating technology.

Welcome to
Superior Seamless Roofing


  • Leader in Roof Coatings and Roof Restoration

  • High-Quality and Detailed Roof Inspections

  • Factory Certified in a Multitude of Roof Systems

  • Highly Rated and Experienced Commercial Roofing Crews

  • Service and Maintenance Crews Available for Your Emergency Commercial Roofing Needs

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Our employees are highly trained, motivated, and safety-minded which means you can rest assured. your hard-earned dollars.


ExpandoThane is more durable, faster to apply and costs way less than any other polyurea coatings and polyurea roofing system.


Our inspections come with detailed, easy-to-read roof findings with multiple pictures of any defects and other issues that need to be addressed.

About Superior Seamless Roofing

We Are The Perfect Solution To All Your Roofing Problems

Superior Seamless Roofing is a full-service commercial roof coating contractor specializing in re-roofing, replacements, repairs, and maintenance services for occupied buildings in the USA. Our commitment to quality ensures the best customer experience by providing the most accurate solutions for your building’s needs using premium materials and award-winning craftsmanship. At Superior Seamless Roofing we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level installation and maintenance of all types of commercial roofing systems. Our roofing professionals proudly serve customers nationwide.

We are the perfect solution to all your roofing problems

Commercial Roofing Contractors

We walk you through each step of the project, explaining everything along the way.

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Superior Seamless Roofing is your number one resource for preventing & fixing your water problems.

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We build lifetime relationships with our customers by following thru on our services and people trust us.

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Since 2000, we’ve been helping owners and property managers by improving buildings just like yours.

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You’re in good hands with our highly trained roofing specialists and technicians who can help you all time

We Solve Your Roofing Problems

We help facility managers solve and prevent leaking roofs and water roofing problems in their commercial buildings. This core mission has helped us build successful relationships with property managers and owners throughout the United States, and solidified our reputation as a commercial roof coatings company focused on providing a superior customer service.

At Superior Seamless Roofing

We specialize in Commercial roof repair, roof coating, flat roof restoration and waterproof roofing systems and polyurea bridge coatings to create a waterproof barrier that prevents water from seeping through. We recognize that proper professional installation will produce maximum long-term results. We are dedicated to quality work, sustainability, and our customers.

Our Expadothane protective roof coating solutions are custom-installed for your buildings needs. This amazing formula allows for a barrier between the outside and the interior of a foundation wall or applied as a roof coating that completely eliminates the water from finding a way in. Standard polyurea will not fill the gaps in between crevices, or bug holes, because it was designed to mimic the contours of the object being sprayed

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Average Costs

The average cost of our Superior Seamless Roofing System is as much as half the cost of a traditional roof system and is covered by a manufacturer’s 15 – 40 year material and labor warranty.

Our team is committed to improving your buildings situation and solving it with our Seamless Roofing System throughout the USA. Our unique process combines years of industry experience with modern building science principles and the education and support you need to make the right decision for your building. With Superior Seamless Roofing you get:

A professional roofing expert to walk you through each step of the project, explaining everything along the way.

Helping Business Owners

We Founded Superior Seamless Waterproof Roofing Company To Help Business Owners

Expandothane is produced by DOW Chemical

At Superior Seamless Roofing our two layer polyurea and silicone roofing system is the most advanced coating technology of seamless roofing systems on the market today. Our base coat membrane is Expandothane. It is manufactured by DOW Chemical and contains micro blowing agents that create a tough and flexible waterproofing membrane capable of expanding by five to seven times it’s volume volume and cures in less the a minute. With this amazing ability for expansion, Expandothane can seal cracks, seams, crevices, and offers complete waterproofing capabilities. Our product will make your roof watertight almost immediately. Expandothane is the only product on the market that can offer these advantages and comes with a FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Frequently Ask Questions

Superior Seamless Roofing

The most common causes of flat roof leaks are blisters, pressure ridges, bare felts, and ponding of water.

Built-Up Roofing (commonly known as “asphalt and gravel” or composition roofing) was one of the most reliable approaches for flat commercial roofing and industrial roofing applications. It was invented in England in the 1840s where it rained a lot. While the materials and technology have evolved, the basic premise remains the same.

There are 3 basic components in a B.U.R. system, waterproofing, reinforcing and surfacing. Next line: They are either secured using hot asphalt or torch applied:

  • Waterproofing keeps you dry
  • Reinforcing ensures maximum structural integrity
  • Surfacing (most often done with a top coat of asphalt covered with UV-reflecting aggregate or mineral) keeps the underlying structure protected from water, light and wind. Surfacing is also known as ballasting.

Yes, few companies can match our expertise in repairs of commercial roofing. You can expect a prompt response and an honest appraisal of what needs to be done.

The most common causes of flat roof deterioration and leaks include:

  • Standing water
  • Harsh winter weather
  • UV damage from the sun
  • Lack of general maintenance
  • These issues can cause blisters, pressure ridges, and result in bare felts that all increase the risk of flat roof leaks.
At Superior Seamless Roofing, we recommend that all commercial building owners start getting flat roof inspections on the first year they are installed, and continue with annual inspections every year thereafter. These inspections can help prolong your flat roof’s lifespan, and provide the opportunity for early flat roof leak detection, vital debris removal from the roof surface, and avoiding costly and time-consuming issues down the road as the result of emergencies.

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