Commercial Flat Roof Leaking? Polyurea Coatings Are The Answer

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Are you experiencing a Leaking Roof? Leaking roofs can be a consistent, yet major, problem. The potential for water damage can bring about dangerous health hazards, such as mildew and mold. In most cases fiberglass insulation loses its effectiveness over time, leading to a potential ceiling collapse. Water damage can even mean fire hazards. How [...]

Superior Seamless Coating Can Save Your Building from Water Damage with ExpandoThane Roof Coatings

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If you want the utmost protection for your roof, invest in Superior Seamless Roofing’s ExpandoThane product. With the harsh winters, heavy rainfall, and unpredictable hail storms that occur year in, year out, this is the best investment a property owner could make for the safety of their roof and everyone underneath it. ExpandoThane is durable [...]

Architects: Why Choose A Polyurea Roof Coating On Your Next Project?

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How Do Polyurea Coatings Compare Polyurea is more efficient and more advanced than these traditional coating systems and offers many advantages to the owner, specifier and contractor. These advantages come mainly in the form of achievable physical properties, how quickly it sets and is able to return to service characteristics. It can also be applied [...]


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Commercial metal roofing, rubber roof coatings, hot asphalt and many other commercial roof materials seem to be always leaking. Leaking most often always happens around flashing, HVAC units, vents, piping, sky lights and other structures penetrating the surface.  Removing a failing flat roof to install a new one is very expensive.  Many inferior repairs simply [...]

Polyurea Roof Coating Solve Leaky Roofs

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Leaky roofs can cause a number of problems. There’s the possibility of water damage, leading to health hazards such as mold and mildew. Insulation may lose effectiveness. Leaking roofs can cause the ceiling to collapse. Water damage can even mean fire hazards. The good thing? Polyurea coatings are an excellent solution when it comes to the [...]