Perhaps you’ve heard the term “spray foam re-coat” but didn’t know what it means. At first, you might think it’s a bad thing. Why would a spray foam roof need a re-coat? Can’t it just last a long time on its own? What if we told you that having the ability to be recoated is a colossal advantage cost-wise?


Over the years, the coating will naturally wear away.

Here’s a typical scenario: Say you get a spray foam roof with a 15-year warranty. When the roof is installed, a 25-mil thickness of the coating will be installed over the foam. When it’s year 15, approximately a 7-8 mil thickness of the coating will remain. The coating gradually disappears with foot traffic, rain, snow, debris, and other weathering events.


Once the warranty on a spray foam roof is expired, it’s time to begin the re-coat process. The first step is to walk the roof and make any needed repairs. Minor repairs, like any tiny cuts or punctures, will need to be sealed. Then the roof can be power washed to remove any loose granules, dirt, etc. A clean environment is essential for the coating to adhere correctly.

Next is the building owner’s choice of how long a warranty they would like. Most options are 10, 15, or 20-year warranties. The more extended the warranty, the more coating that’s installed, and the higher the cost.

But once the building owner decides, the coating is sprayed or rolled onto the existing roof.


When the warranty of a single-ply, built-up, or metal roofing system expires, most get 100% torn off. The cost to remove an entire roofing system and install another is pricey. A re-coat doesn’t require any tear-off. Tear-off requires a significant number of labor hours. It also adds costs to the project because you transport all the materials to a landfill.

A re-coat generally costs 33% – 50% of the original installation. To tear off and install another roofing system will cost 100% of the initial installation.

Superior Seamless Roofing

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