Elastomeric roof coatings will last 10-20 years, depending on the initial application thickness.

For a 10-year warranty, 20 mils of elastomeric roof coating will need to be applied.

For a 20-year warranty, 30 mils of elastomeric roof coating will need to be applied.

Elastomeric manufacturers have performed extensive weather testing to determine how long their products will last.

Can elastomeric roof coatings last longer than the warranty?

Yes, and most of them do. It isn’t extraordinary to see a 10-year warrantied roof still be in excellent condition after the expired warranty.

If the granules are still embedded, all that coating is still underneath; otherwise, the granules would be gone.

An important fact to note is elastomeric roof coatings will last longer with proper annual maintenance and inspection of the roof.

What maintenance is done to extend how long elastomeric roof coatings last?

Most roofing maintenance programs begin with a visual inspection and reporting. They are looking for early signs of significant damage. Damage can be caused by numerous events such as wind, rain, debris, or foot traffic.

Maintenance also includes special attention to areas that impact water travel, such as gutters, drains, and scuppers. A roofing contractor wants to ensure that when it rains, that water is moving the way it’s designed to off the roof.

NOTE: A maintenance contract is a great way to keep your facility in good shape while holding your contractor accountable for their work performance.

Has an elastomeric coating ever NOT lasted its intended lifetime?

No. And if it didn’t last as long as intended, it would’ve been an applicator error. Some forms of applicator error would be:


For a 10-year warranty, 20 mils of coating needs to be applied. If less than 20 mils of coating are applied, then the product may not last the entire 10 years.


If the coating is applied too thick (more than 20 mils for a 10-year warranty), then it’s simply a shame on the roofing contractor and great for the customer. This roof will perform great for more than 10 years.


The coatings used now are single components, meaning you just pop the drum open, give it a swirl and begin putting the product down. However, older coatings may have multiple components that must be mixed to perform correctly. If not, the product will not perform how it was designed to.


This one depends on the elastomeric coating the roofing contractor applies. If it’s silicone, then it doesn’t matter. Silicone will still perform as it should if it rains slightly after installation. However, if the roofing contractor applies acrylic or urethane coating, rainfall slightly after installation will damage that coating. Rain can even wash your coating off the roof!


Preparation is King!

Just like painting the walls of your home, if your walls are full of dirt or dust, the paint isn’t going to adhere or perform how it should. A roofing contractor needs to clean and dry your existing substrate before application. If this isn’t done, the coating will not adhere properly and will not perform how it was meant to.

A rule of thumb is clean, dry, and sound.

The roof should be so clean that if you drop your sandwich, you should still want to eat it.

No joke!

A very clean roof is essential for proper adhesion and performance.

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