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ExpandoThane Roof Coatings, Polyurea Waterproofing

Our ExpandoThane product is an expanding polyurea waterproofing compound. Our material contains micro blowing agents that create a tough and flexible waterproofing membrane capable of expanding 5 to 7 times its volume. This amazing formula allows for a barrier between the outside and the interior of a foundation wall or applied as a secondary roof covering that completely eliminates the water from finding a way in. Standard polyurea will not fill the gaps in between crevices, or bug holes, because it was designed to mimic the contours of the object being sprayed. However the ExpandoThane material will expand in those holes and crevices 5-7 times the volume. ExpandoThane comes in either the cartridge material canisters or by the gallon, in different quantities. Please visit ExpandoThane.com for more details on how to order.
ExpandoThane Polyurea Roof Coating when applied at 2 1/2 gallons per hundred square feet (40 wet mills) cures in seconds to leave you with a full 1/4″ Polyurea Membrane. ExpandoThane Polyurea may be applied as a secondary roof covering over Metal Roofs, Modified Bitumen Roofs, BUR, Concrete and Spray Urethane Foam. ExpandoThane also makes a great Polyurea membrane for foundation walls before back filling with dirt.
Polyurea Roof and Polyurea Foundation Coating, that is what ExpandoThane is used as. As a Polyurea Roof Coating, Polyurea WaterProofing agent, ExpandoThane is the amazing answer to these common concerns. ExpandoThane is a VOC free Plural component Polyurea with micro blowing agents to create a hard skin polyurea that expands five to seven times its volume to span gaps and fill bug holes. ExpandoThane Polyurea Roof Coating is an aromatic which sprays a light grey color. When applying ExpandoThane Polyurea as a flat roof seamless system you can enjoy the savings by leaving it this color and applying pea gravel over it or you can have a color additive, Aliphatic Polyurea, which is available in White and several other colors.

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Benefits of Expandothane

Though many commercial building owners select a polyurea roof coating purely for their roof’s waterproofing, there are more advantages that the material has to provide. While waterproof, this coating also protects against other hazards such as chemical exposure and environmental erosion. Storms and debris are no longer such a worry with this coating, as it resists abrasions and other minor damage . Metal roofs, in particular, will last much longer and resist corrosion with an expandothane coating.


ExpandoThane Polyurea Coating – Lifetime

Top Coat – 25 years

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polyurea waterproofing, polyurea roof coating system, polyurea roof coating, expandothane, expandothane waterproof

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