Commercial metal roofing, rubber roof coatings, hot asphalt and many other commercial roof materials seem to be always leaking. Leaking most often always happens around flashing, HVAC units, vents, piping, sky lights and other structures penetrating the surface.

 Removing a failing flat roof to install a new one is very expensive.  Many inferior repairs simply involve pouring on more asphalt, but this does not fix the problem long term. Instead, consider a polyurea roof coating for your commercial roof to seal and waterproof your roof.

What Causes Commercial Roofs to Leak

Typically leaking is not the fault of the original roof. Something causes a gap between the roof and penetrations.  Commercial roofs have many vulnerable points such as flashing around HVAC, pipes, vents and cables as well as seams and screws.  Here are some of the primary concerns: 


  • Ponding on Flat Roofs from clogged drains, snow and rain.  Sagging occurs with the extra weight, algae and vegetation lead to rust on metal, and freeze/thaw cycles add damage.
  • Separations from Vibrations creating gaps over time that can eventually leak. A major vibration occurring frequently is from HVAC units.
  • Temperature Extremes causing subtle expanding and shrinking.  Freeze/thaw cycles allow ice dams to move and cause damage from “scrubbing” the roof membrane.
  • Storm Damage from hail, high winds and falling debris.
  • Failed or Worn Out Roofs that have rusting metal or cracked and peeling asphalt or concrete.



Replacement or Repair of Commercial Roofing

Replacing a roof may be inevitable with major damage but is very expensive and often avoidable.  Not only are labor and material costs going up, but other factors can add various expenses to the project.  These include removal of the old roof and replacing, moving or working around existing penetrations such as heating or cooling equipment.

If minor damage is confined to small areas and the roof still has no additional layers of covers, the best choice is to repair. Superior Seamless Roofing has a number of solutions that are exceptionally effective in sealing a roof. 

The first step when Superior Seamless Roofing shows up to repair your commercial flat roof would be to clean your roof and free it of all loose debris, etc. in order to ensure a smooth installation. Next, applicators using long hose lines from from our trailer to spray either Expandothane or Gaco Roofing Products to seal your roof. These products fix and prevent leaks with many additional benefits:

  • Creates a waterproof barrier
  • Fills in cracks and minor imperfections
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions
  • Does not soften in heat or become brittle in cold
  • Stretches in length without breaking so it doesn’t crack with settling or vibrations
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Reduces utility bills


Are you worried about a leaking roof? Are you interested in taking preventive measures to ensure against potential roofing issues? Superior Seamless Roofing is a waterproof roofing company and can help you. We use only the best polyurea roof coatings such as Expandothane and Gaco Roofing Contractor products such as GacoFlex S20. Give us a call to learn how! Call (860) 238.3113 or fill out the form on this page.