ExpandoThane Roofing Polyuria Water Proof Coatings Company Delaware DE

Just 2 minutes after application, ExpandoThane Waterproof Roofing Polyurea Coatings Company is dry enough to walk on.  There is no down time or “under construction” waiting.

ExpandoThane is more durable, faster to apply and costs way less than any other polyurea coatings and polyurea roofing system in DE.

superior seamless roofing expandothane

available–it’s also the only polyurea made specifically for roof protection.  Providing excellent adhesion, spraying on fast and drying super fast are just a few benefits.

ExpandoThane is waterproof coatings and stays elastic all year long, no matter the season; even extreme hot and cold. Because it is sprayed on and then expands, any gaps or voids are filled and then the surface dries instantly, creating a completely sealed surface. ExpandoThane’s elasticity allows it to expand and contract as your building materials do with the change of seasons.

THIS SOLUTION WAS MADE FOR YOUR ROOF–existing EPDM roofs, vinyl, concrete, wood or metal surfaces. ExpandoThane Polyurea will repair your damaged or leaky industrial flat roof!

If your roof is out-of-date or in need of repair, we’d love to show you what superior coverage ExpandoThane will offer you.


You’ll see a 50% savings by choosing an ExpandoThane polyurea coating and polyurea roofing system instead of a new roof.  The project can be completed in 1/3 of the time with minimal inconvenience.

WHERE ELSE CAN ExpandoThane BE USED?  Leaking exterior basement walls meet their match in ExpandoThane polyurea waterproof roof coatings, polyurea roof coating system, polyurea roofing system and silicone roofing, whether the building material is concrete or treated wood. ExpandoThane polyurea roofing system can further save a leaky basement by allowing any ground water to be diverted to a sump pump, as an alternate to trenching. As a final touch, the ExpandoThane polyurea roof coating in New Jersey, NJ can be tinted to match or coordinate with exterior colors.


ExpandoThane Polyurea Coating – Lifetime

Top Coat – 25 years

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