Flat Roof Repair Company

Superior Seamless Roofing specializes in restoring, refurbishing and rejuvenating flat roof systems.

Commercial, Industrial and Institutional roofing systems are generally “flat” or low-sloped. Therefore, these systems can show problems from ponding or standing water, seam failures or penetration failures around air conditioning curbs, drains, due to extreme heat effects, shrinkage and from general product failure from years of reapplied chemicals.

Examples of flat roof systems that fail as a result of the aforementioned reasons are single-ply systems like TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin), EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). Other examples include an asphalt based system like modified bitumen, any BUR tar and gravel system or any waterproofing roofing ply generally used as a waterproofing product on a commercial, industrial or institutional flat roofing system and that is susceptible to similar problems.

Superior Seamless Roofing specializes in restoring, refurbishing and rejuvenating all of these types of flat roof systems. By using state-of-the-art technologies and with years of experience using state-of-the-art materials from leading manufacturers, Superior Seamless Roofing has established ourselves as an industry leading expert in the application of commercial, industrial and institutional roof coatings for the purpose of restoring and refurbishing these flat roofing systems.

At Superior Seamless Roofing, our Expandothane commercial foam roofing solutions are perfect for a variety of roofing applications. We install, repair and replace insulated roofing systems for commercial, residential and industrial customers. Is your property in desperate need of roof restoration? Seamless and durable, our spray polyurethane foam roof installation services offers property owners a lightweight, high-insulation solution. Created to help property owners save on overall construction and roof restoration costs, our commercial foam roofing and insulation products are the highest rated on the market.It is the perfect solution for roof coatings and flat roof repairs. Let our experts fill in the cracks or gaps for an air and moisture seal.

Expandothane foam can also be applied to metal or plastic storage tanks to keep in the warmth or cold, depending on your needs.

With Superior Seamless Roofing on the job, you can be assured your commercial roof repairs will exceed your expectations, without breaking your budget. Whether you need flat roof repairs or commercial foam roof installation, Superior Seamless Roofing offer a variety of services within your budget. For more information or to get an estimate, call 860-238-3113 .

Superior Seamless Roofing Services Include: Commercial Roof Repair, Flat Roofing, Insulated Roofing, Roof Coating, Roof Restoration, SPF Roofing, Spray Foam Roofing, Thermal Coatings and Roofing in CT and through out the United States.