Superior Seamless Roofing GacoAutoDeck

Protecting your high traffic vehicle deck, season after season.

Superior Seamless Roofing GacoAutoDeck systems are fully adhered, seamless protective membranes which will withstand years of adverse weather and normal traffic abuse. Incorporating tough GacoFlex polyurethane coatings along with GacoShell granules, GacoAutoDeck systems are designed specifically for vehicular wear applications.

DURABLE. GacoAutoDeck system components are designed to bond together with nearly identical elongation, tensile strength, and hardness to lock in protection from harsh weather, salt, oil and heavy traffic. They are tough yet flexible, so they can expand and contract along with normal structural movements.

LONG LASTING. All components share the same physical properties, creating a vertically integrated and chemically bonded monolithic membrane that endures years of use.

UV RESISTANT.  GacoAutoDeck system incorporates UV resistant and hydrolytically stable GacoFlex U64 Polyurethane Coating which provides excellent weathering, toughness, good solvent resistance and fire retardance.

EASY TO APPLY. This user-friendly two component coating can be applied by squeegee or sprayer.


 Maintenance Guide-GacoFlex Polyurethane Deck System