If you want the utmost protection for your roof, invest in Superior Seamless Roofing’s ExpandoThane product. With the harsh winters, heavy rainfall, and unpredictable hail storms that occur year in, year out, this is the best investment a property owner could make for the safety of their roof and everyone underneath it.

ExpandoThane is durable and flexible. It creates a uniformed membrane which reduces the gaps on a rough terrain, closes around openings and any form of surface obstruction. Additionally, ExpandoThane provides an outstanding mixture of properties which in turn give wonderful mechanical and thermally efficient structures. One of its formulas is polyurea, and it is quite dependent on a primer for any form of adhesion.

Commonly known as a tough expanding spray, ExpandoThane is made of polyurea material which has the ability to shield skin and protect roofing’s from harsh environmental conditions. It is of impactful resistance when it comes to roofing and waterproof coating. With it, you are certain to repair or seal any open surfaces.

Polyurea coating helps spruce up the appearance of your roof surface, and it ensures they last longer without being damaged by outdoor elements like rain, sunshine and debris like leaves. Polyurea is best known for protecting surfaces against corrosion. Its high durability and waterproofing abilities make this coating one of the best for roof application. Not to mention, polyurea coating has unmatched chemical resistance capabilities, bonding abilities, and heat resistance properties which means coated surfaces maintain a cooler surface by several degrees than uncoated surfaces.

It is essential to waterproof your building. Waterproof coatings helps prevent water from penetrating your building. It is very important as it helps keep your building dry. Waterproof roof coatings helps reduce humidity inside the building, thereby protecting the things inside your house from damage caused due to humidity or water exposure. It is also important for the veracity of the building.

When it comes to your roof and your safety, you deserve nothing but the best. That’s what Superior Seamless Coating believes and never ceases to provide the best ExpandoThane roof coatings to property owners.


Are you worried about a leaking roof? Are you interested in taking preventive measures to ensure against potential roofing issues? Superior Seamless Roofing is a waterproof roofing company and can help you. We use only the best polyurea roof coatings such as Expandothane and Gaco Roofing Contractor products such as GacoFlex S20. Give us a call to learn how! Call (860) 238.3113 or fill out the form on this page.